Taking the boys to new heights

Bonds puts its balls on display with a digital board that changes with the weather. Guess how.

You’re likely already quite familiar with “The Boys,” a series of videos by Clemenger BBDO Melbourne for Australian underwear brand Bonds that shows the things a pair of testicles deal with on a daily basis. Already proving to be quite the hit down under, the brand is now taking them to new heights in a digital out-of-home campaign.

Outside of the Bourke Street Mall in Melbourne, the billboard in the video below displays the current temperature while our favourite anthropomorphic balls hang below, moving higher or lower depending on how cold or hot it is (while swaying gently in the breeze). It also looks like they get slightly smaller the colder it is, but that might just be us projecting.

The board continues the platform’s tagline: that a guy’s “boys” go through a lot and they should be treated with the comfiest underwear. And yes, there are new videos in the series as well:


Brand: Bonds Underwear
Agency: Clemenger BBDO Melbourne