Could one of these be the Starbucks of weed?

Surface magazine tasked 12 design shops to come up with the identities for their very own fictionalized weed brands.


Some of you may have noticed that the weed business is kind of on fire right now. Wish you were one of the clever cats who decided to invest in Apple stocks back in the 90s? You may have a second chance at making your fortune with weed if you invest in some cannabis brand stocks before next spring (when Canada gets the ball rolling on recreational legalization). Yup, it’s that hot. If you don’t believe us,¬†read our story in strategy about what’s potting in Canada when it comes to brands jumping on the blazing bandwagon.

In light of the crazy rush (which has been said to grow faster than the smartphone industry) in the U.S. specifically, with states like¬†Colorado and Washington already regulating marijuana (and making wads of tax man cash), Surface magazine decided to challenge the design industry with a brief that essentially asked 12 design studios to “create a fictionalized aspirational marijuana brand” that would have a brand identity worthy of being deemed “the future Starbucks of weed.”

Here are some of the modern and delectable designs that came out of the call.

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