The brand logo that listens to you

Brazilian telco Oi's redesigned logo morphs and changes in response to sound.

Oi (which means “Hi” in Portugese) was launched by Brazilian telco Telemar in 2001 as a more casual, youthful brand (think of it as the Brazilian Koodo or Fido). At the time, it enlisted design agency Wolff Olins to create its original branding, which looked like a slightly wobbly speech bubble. For its rebrand, Oi again approached Wolff Olins, which responded with something very similar looking to the old logo – except now it changes in form and colour just by saying the brand’s name out loud.

Working with Onformative, the agency created the software that allowed users to generate a unique Oi logo based on sounds.┬áThe logo gets bigger based on the volume of sound it’s reacting to, while changes in pitch, timbre and duration affect its shape and colour. Deeper voices create logos that are smoother and a calmer blue colour, while high-pitched sounds create a more varied shape with brighter, wilder colours. This video takes you through the process, if you’d like a peek under the hood.

Interactive versions of the logo that allow the public to morph it live will be used at executions, and videos will show the logo changing in response to other sounds in the spot (which you can see in action below). Even the static, printed versions of the logo, which are based on different people saying the brand’s name and will be unique for each ad its used in, contain a feeling of motion and fluidity to them.