NOSE knows if you stink

Nivea creates a smell-o-vision app to let you know when your deodorant has worn off.

A big problem for anyone who puts in a full eight hours every day is the fact that, as the day wears on, we get used to the smell our bodies gradually put out, so it can be hard to tell if your deodorant is still working (and if you didn’t know this, maybe you need to look at little closer at the looks people are giving you at the end of the day). But Nivea is going high-tech to solve the problem those around you are too polite or afraid to bring up to you directly. Working with Happiness FCB, Nivea has created NOSE, an app that is able to smell for you and let you know if you do, in fact, smell awful.

Using a phone case that has been outfitted with sensors that detect smell (we’ll let the video below explain exactly how that works), the app can take a fresh whiff of your pits to let you know if that “24-hour protection” all the deodorant ads are so proud of has fallen short of its mark. So far the product is only in beta mode, and will be tested throughout the year ahead of a wider consumer release later on.


Agency: Happiness FCB
Brand: Nivea for Men