What’s one more sacrifice?

John St. shows why mom might be willing to give up her Mother's Day gift to support War Child.

Our moms have done a lot for us.¬†For “Mother’s Day Sacrifice,” John St. shows all the things they have already given up – like sleep and “me” time – before landing on the morning of Mother’s Day to suggest she might be willing to make one more sacrifice if it means supporting War Child. After all, War Child’s fundraising efforts this Mother’s Day will go towards helping mothers living in international war zones improve their education and skills so they can better provide for their families, and that’s probably going to make her feel better than a dust buster ever would.

On the campaign website, kids can pick out what they would have otherwise bought their mom – from a “generic box of chocolates” to “gas station flowers” to the “FlabtoFab” exercise bike – and click the “don’t buy” button to donate the equivalent amount to War Child. Moms can also turn the tables, picking an e-card to send to their families and let them know what they really want this year.


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