Death to weeds (and pre-roll ads)

Rethink's new anti-pre roll ad lets you kill a foul-mouthed dandelion and all his friends with Scotts.


Meet Prickly. He will yell at you, curse at you and bite your foot. This son of a bitch puppet is also the star of Rethink’s new campaign for Scotts Ecosense Weed B Gon. And they want you to want him dead.

Sure, you could simply skip the ad and be done with Prickly forever. But if you’d rather have the satisfaction of getting back at the annoying Fraggle Rock reject, you can click the “Kill Prickly” button instead, and skip to the part of the video where you get to see exactly what Weed B Gon does to him.

The “anti-pre roll” spot is a concept we’re probably going to see again (and again and again), but the creative concept of trying to convince people to skip ahead in the video, as opposed to convincing them not to skip at all, is something we haven’t really seen before, as is the fact that “not skipping” results in doing something that’s tied pretty directly to what the product actually does. Plus, it means they have to get us to really, really hate Prickly for the concept to work, something that’s refreshing when so many ads like this seem content to rest on just saying “please don’t skip” with a wink to the audience.


Brand: Scotts Ecosense Weed B Gon
Agency: Rethink