How about them apples?

A bunch of "guerilla gardeners" erected a giant tree in an abandoned building to bring nature back to cities for Strongbow.

We all know where apples come from. But will your childrens’ kids know? Or will they just assume fruit is grown in a lab behind the supermarket?

Scarily enough, that is pretty much already the answer for some kids today, according to one man in Johannesburg, South Africa. He’s part of what has been dubbed the “Jozi Guerilla Gardeners,” a group of people who want (and do) bring nature back to urban city scenes, just like this one in the video below for British cider brand Strongbow (and really make the origins of fruit obvious to generations to come).

They took an abandoned building in Jozi (the nickname South Africans have given to Johannesburg) and gave it new life with a massive (and by massive, we mean the size of what looks to be a 12-story building) apple tree and garden scenery. The act was filmed and cut into a pretty epic and goosebump-inducing video by Cloudfactory in the Netherlands, the agency behind the stunt, with this being one of many nature-inspired deeds that the brand (along with nature rebels around the world) is hoping to bring to life in its “Nature Remix” movement.


Brand: Strongbow
Advertising Agency: Cloudfactory, Netherlands
Creative Directors: Sandrine Huijgen, Jessica Kersten, Olivier Teepe
Senior Art Director: Karen Heuter
Art Director: Lauraine Meyer
Copywriter: Rodger Werkhoven
Production Company: Sonny London
Director: Fredrik Bond
Producer: Nick Goldsmith
Executive Producer: Helen Kenny
DoP: Crille Forsberg