Can someone who can’t speak be a talk show host?

Carly Fleischmann doesn't let autism stand in the way of her dream of interviewing Channing Tatum.

We first met Carly Fleischmann in 2012 when her dad Arthur and the team at his agency, John St., created Carly’s Cafe.

If you remember, the site took a difficult scene from the book she co-authored (called Carly’s Voice) and recreated it as an interactive experience to demonstrate Carly’s daily struggles, going on to win industry accolades from Cannes to CASSIES. This young girl, who was 17 at the time and is now a young adult, has autism. However, underneath her difficulties with social interaction, lies a woman with “optimism, insight and razor-sharp wit.”

She is also fiercely courageous, which we can now see in this video below, where she becomes a talk show host (even though she cannot speak without the use of specialized communication software on a tablet) and interviews actor Channing Tatum. She asks him questions that she’s prepared in advance (due to her slow typing), and every single one of them are thoughtfully crafted (and hilarious), getting a series of laughs and smiles out of Tatum.

With the first episode in her YouTube series Speechless with Carly Fleishmann, she’s essentially become the world’s first autistic and non-verbal talk show host, proving that nothing, not even a debilitating disorder, can limit one’s dreams.


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