Over and over again

Rethink's latest for Sports Experts gives you an extra push to get through the repetitive nature of training.

Anyone who has ever tried to get into shape knows one of the biggest hurdles is the repetitiveness of it all, having to do the same exercises over and over again before you start to see some results. Sports Experts knows this, and its taking a friendly approach to motivate you to get through that monotony.

Much like the spot that launched the retailer’s new platform in the fall, the video (created by Rethink) steers away from pros in favour of regular people – kids playing high school sports or the person down the street training for their next marathon – and amateur athletes, like Team Canada women’s hockey captain Marie-Philip Poulin. What’s different in “Encore” is that, between the more upbeat music and the voiceover encouraging us to keep on training, it feels less serious and heavy, and makes that goal of everyday fitness feel a little bit more realistic (and fun).


Brand: Sports Experts (FGL Sports – Frederick Lecoq, Marc Poirier, Karl Morin, Geneviève Collin, Ginette Dalpé, Dominique Gendron, Nick Bond)
Agency: Rethink
National Creative Direction: Chris Staples, Ian Grais
Creative Direction: Nicolas Quintal
Creative Team: Xavier Blais, Maxime Sauté
Project Manager: Marie-Sarah Bouchard
Account Management: Alex Lefebvre
Agency Production: Annick D’Auteuil
Production: Quatre Zéro Un – Sophie Gérard
Director: Jean-Marc Piché
Music: Apollo, Grayson Matthews
Sound Editing: Studios Apollo
Post Production: Post 430
Media: Touché!