Still ‘the most shocking second a day’ video

The British girl from Save the Children's original spot is now a refugee in this equally distressing sequel.
Save the Chidlen

Save the Children shocked us a couple years back when it turned the tables on a first-world city (London), putting a young middle-class girl in a war zone in an effort to get people to think about the tragic events that are taking place in Syria every day. Now it’s released a sequel to the original viral video, catching up with that same young girl, who is now a (fictional) refugee.

The organization and its agency, Don’t Panic London, continue to use the creative treatment from the original video, showing distressing, front-facing images of the girl as she makes her way from refugee camp to camp, even crossing an ocean, where her over-packed boat capsizes. The spot is meant to hit people close to home, drawing a connection to the masses of Syrian children and their families who are going through the same experiences every day.

“A human tragedy is unfolding. 60 million people have been forced to flee their homes – creating the largest refugee crisis since World War II. Among them is a generation of children who have lost everything they know: their homes, their education – sometimes even their families,” states the organization in the video blurb, with a call for people to donate to save Syria’s children (or at the very least, to share the video to show the world that this shouldn’t happen to any child, anywhere.)


Brand: Save the Children
Agency: Don’t Panic London