Real talk about retirement

Bensimon Byrne teaches retirees about video games and DJing in exchange for some wisdom about saving.

Unlike past generations, 75% of people age 25 to 34 do not receive a pension from their employer, a stat that becomes much more troubling when you’re told many of those same people are also not putting away enough for their retirement, if anything at all.

The Ontario Retirement Pension Plan (ORPP) is looking to help close that gap by adding on to the Canadian Pension Plan, and will begin enrolling employers to participate in 2017, with pending legislative approval making it (or a comparable pension plan) mandatory by 2020.

Putting it that way makes it all sound very boring. To educate Canadians – primarily young Canadians who have both recently entered the workforce and are not saving for their retirement – on what the impending ORPP will mean for them, agency Bensimon Byrne enlisted a trio of influencers to meet with retirees.

YouTube video gamer TypicalGamer, musician Andrew Huang and Brent Albrecht of Toronto radio station Indie88 each taught the person they visited how to do what they do – from playing video games to making music to DJing on the air – before the tables were turned and they gave the young people advice on how to prepare for retirement (and why it’s so important). Not only does it result in an eye-opening conversation, but you get to see an adorable British lady scream in triumph as she spears a virtual mammoth to death in Far Cry.


Brand: Ontario Retirement Pension Plan
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