Up close and personal

Corona's new brand platform puts you right inside pounding waves.

Most people already think of sun and sand when they think of Corona, but this year’s summer brand platform by Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam encourages them to do a little more than just sit in a beach chair.

The summer beer’s new global brand platform, “This Is Living,” is trying to convey the joy of going to the sandy beaches (which people have grown to associate the brand with) by getting up close and personal with pro surfers. The lead 60-second film, “The Flow,” uses extreme close-up shots and the pounding sound of the waves to drive home what it feels like to put your body to the test before relaxing with a Corona. The second spot, “Lime Ritual,” conveys that same feeling, but this time from the perspective of a lime being dropped into a bottle.

The new ads might be a bit intense for what most people might think of as a “chilled-out” or “relaxing” beach beer, based on its past campaigns. For those less interested in fast-paced action, 15-second videos created for the campaign pull the lens back and slow things down a little, while waves and shadows on the beach pass through and affect the movement of the beer inside the clear Corona bottle.


Brand: Corona
Agency: Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam

CORONA (Anheuser-Bush InBev)

Global Marketing Vice President: Marcel Marcondes
Global Marketing Director: Thiago Zanettini
Global Communications Director: Clarissa Pantoja
Global Brand Manager: Evan Ellman


Executive Creative Director: Mark Bernath, Eric Quennoy
Creative Director Alvaro Sotomayer, Thierry Albert
Art Director Kia Heinnen, Malia Killings
Copywriter Bern Hunter
Head of Broadcast Production Joe Togneri
Director of Interactive Production Kelsie van Deman
Broadcast Producer Kimia Farshidzad, Javier Perroud, Maud Klarenbeek, Stacey
Interactive Producer Jennifer Bernard
Production Assistant Hayley Vair
Planner Nick Docherty, Alex Jordan
Senior Digital Strategist Greg White
Communications Planner Wes Young
Social Content Strategist Jordan Sowunmi
Group Account Director Kirk Johnsen
Account Director Courtney Trull
Account Manager Jorge Papa, Jasmina Almeda, Alex Scaros
Account Executive Emma Salomon
Head of Art Production Maud Klarenbeek
Art Producer Stacey Prudden
Studio Artist Malia Killings, Noa Redero
Designer Thomas Payne, Malia Killings
Project Manager Janna Harrington
Business Affairs Michael Graves, Emilie Douqu