Would you survive the world’s most open test drive?

Smart hooked drivers up to lie detectors and asked them to be (painfully) honest with their loved ones.

Would you willingly admit that you’ve had, ahem, sexual intercourse in your, ahem, parents bed to your mum?

Some poor souls had to answer this question (and many more equally disturbing ones), while sitting next to a loved one in the new Smart Fortwo Cabriolet convertible car.

The spot below shows various couples, from mother and son to boyfriend and girlfriend, driving the vehicle around a plaza in Cape Town, South Africa where Smart cars are a popular commuter choice (speaking from experience, as this South African Stim writer’s family owned three of them at one point).

Not only did they have to answer awkward questions — like if they believed the opposite sex thought they were more attractive than the friend sitting next to them — but they also had to answer the questions openly and honestly. Why? Because they were hooked up to a lie detector, and if they were caught in a lie, the fully retractile rooftop (the first of its kind to open completely) would close and they’d be crowned a loser. If they managed to answer the most questions without a single hiccup, they would be deemed the winner. But is any competition ever worth admitting that you’ve tainted your parent’s bed.


Brand: Smart
Agency: BBDO Berlin
CCO: Wolfgang Schneider
Creative Managing Director: Jan Harbeck, Ton Hollander
ECD: Michael Schachtner
Creative Director: David Missing, Fedja Kehl
Art Director: Shelley Lui
Copywriter: Julian Stoelting. Kyra Nenz
Account Team: Sonja Ruschke (Account Manager), Lindsay Jönsson (Account Director), Jan Hendrik Oelckers (Group Account Director)
Agency Producer: Stefan Bader, Silke Rochow
Chief Production Officer: Steffen Gentis (BBDO Group Germany)
Film Production: Markenfilm Crossing
Producer: Oliver Hack (Managing Director), Alexander Husche (Producer)