Not your typical runner

Penningtons celebrates women who won't compromise in a spot that wants you to stare.
penningtons 2

Plus-size women can do anything a (whatever the appropriate word is for the opposite of plus-sized — we refuse to to say “normal” or “regular”) person can do.

So says Penningtons in it’s latest creative piece. And so should the rest of the world, for that matter, which is why the clothing brand is continuing its #iwontcompromise movement with the new empowering spot. A few months ago, it came out with a rather epic spot about a larger woman who kicks all notions of plus-sized women not being to rock the yoga mat to the curb, and now it’s looking at a woman who has never let her size compromise her passion for running.

The spot below shows Jill Angie, running while narrating her lack of fear and limits when it comes to what she loves. While she may not be who society would consider a professional runner, she is and has been one for more than 18 years, competing in marathons and triathlons in addition to working as a personal trainer and running coach for plus-sized women.

The video is accompanied by copy that reads “#iwontcompromise is a movement that celebrates doing what we love, wearing what makes us feel good, and being who we are without compromise.” The caption goes on to say what it wants every women to use as a their mantra: “Let them stare. Let them see what we can do. Together, let’s fight against all prejudice.” Movement mic drop.