Make Nintendo great again

Artist Jeff Hong inserts Donald Trump into classic NES games to give us a truly evil bad guy.

If you’ve ever taken the time to re-visit the video games of your youth, you might find yourself a little underwhelmed by the villains you’re up against. Isn’t there a baddie who can fill you with more anger than a giant ape or Mike Tyson, and is significantly more evil? That’s where Trumptendo comes in.

James Hong, a storyboard artist from Brooklyn, has made Donald Trump the main bad guy in Super Mario Bros., Donkey Kong, Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out and Bomberman, among other classic NES games, all of which are fully playable in your browser. For good measure, you even get to play as Bernie Sanders in some of the games, and your path to the final match of Donald Trump’s Punch-Out will occasionally feature other politicians.

Just don’t break your keyboard. Hitting that button harder doesn’t hurt Trump any more.