Making poverty easier to see

Grey Canada creates an open house that shows how Canadians in poverty live their lives for the Salvation Army.

People tend to have a particular image in mind when it comes to those living below the poverty line, but this new campaign by Grey Canada for the Salvation Army shows it isn’t always that apparent.

What appeared to be a normal open house for prospective home buyers was actually a representation of how one in 10 Canadian families might live, complete with plaques and visual displays that illuminated their realities. Despite living in poverty, many of these families do have a roof over their head, sacrificing meals to pay their bills and spending more than half of their pay to keep up with rent. As visitors to the home discovered these statistics, hidden cameras captured their reactions, which have been compiled into an online video.

If you’d like to experience it for yourself, a virtual version of the open house has been set up online¬†with all the same displays and sobering statistics.


Brand: Salvation Army
Agency: Grey Canada
Chief Creative Officer: Patrick Scissons
Creative Director: Joel Arbez
Creative Director: James Ansley
Art Director: Ryan McNeill
Writer: Sue Kohm
Account Executive: Kit Kostandoff
Producer: Erica Metcalfe
Print Producer: Elizabeth Macaulay
Director of Technology and UX: Marc Cattapan
Digital Producer: Jaan Yew Woon
Production Company: Skin and Bones Film Company
Director: Fraser White
Post-Production: Alter Ego, Saints Editorial
Audio: Grayson Matthews