Come again? Who made this salad?

These downtown folk didn't know they were devouring leafy bowls from the most unexpected place.

screen shot 2016-05-23 at 8.32.12 pm

When many think of McDonald’s, they picture greasy fast food and not healthy salads. It’s a burger joint, after all.

The fast food chain is good at making salty fries, but is it any good at tossing leafy salads? That’s the question it wanted to ask consumers in a the most mysterious way. It didn’t want people to immediately judge a salad based on its maker, so the QSR set up an outdoor restaurant, calling it the “Salad Society” and giving away one of three salad bowls, for free.

Diners were filmed devouring the green bowls (which have been added to McDonald’s menus) and when they got to the bottom of the food container, a sticker with McDonald’s logo was revealed. Little did they know they had just cleaned a plate clean of food from “the most unexpected place” and many were caught surprised by this fact (some maybe a little too surprised).