Giving “folding chair” new meaning

Artist and designer Jongha Choi has created wall art that turns into benches and stools.

photo  2015 lisa klappe

If you live in a small apartment, you know the struggle of entertaining friends, only to have them sit on the floor because you don’t have the room to keep a ton of furniture around, and you want something a bit more stylish than a bunch of plain folding chairs. Well, these pieces of art can help you tackle both problems.

Created by Korean artist and designer Jongha Choi, “De-dimension” is a series of flat pieces of wall art that can be taken down and folded out into usable – and surprisingly sturdy-looking – benches and stools. Not only is it a great way to save on space, the novelty and functionality of these pieces will make up for the oddness of being the kind of person who has benches hung as art on their walls.

Though we might be more obsessed with the practical usefullness of this, Choi has much more intellectual and artistic reason behind creating the furniture.

“Why do we not question an images’ confinement to a flat surface?” he asks on his website. “Why don’t we try to get more stereoscopic and attempt for direct experience with the image. My question started with this point and I tried several experiments in order to realize this idea from a personal point of view.”

If the images aren’t doing it justice, you can see the transformation in action in the video below.