The angrier the internet is, the more you save

Snickers' new app analyzes people's temperament on social and gives you a discount based on the level of anger.

Around the globe, and for several years, Snickers has proclaimed that “you aren’t you when you’re hungry” and that it should be the cure for the monster you become when your stomach is rumbling.

We’re not sure any amount of chocolate and peanuts could satiate the anger that breeds on the internet on a daily basis, but Clemenger BBDO in Melbourne has developed a way to try and make that “cure” more available when it’s needed most.

The “Hungerithm” not only analyzes the choice of words, but the tone, slang and amount of sarcasm used in 14,000 tweets every day to determine how angry the internet as a whole currently is, and uses that anger level to determine a special price for a Snickers bar. The less angry people are, the closer the price will be to its regular $1.50, but if the internet is particularly up in arms, the price can go as low as $0.50. When you think social outrage has reached its peak, you can “lock in” your rate with an app on your phone to get a special bar code that you can take to an Australian 7-Eleven store to redeem your special price.


Brand: Snickers (Mars Australia)
Agency: Clemenger BBDO Melbourne
Marketing Director: Matthew Graham
Brand Manager: Renee Lewington
Assistant Brand Manager: Heidi Keller
National Sales Manager – Retail: Shaun Thomas
Executive Creative Director: Ant Keogh
Creative Directors: Evan Roberts and Stephen de Wolf
Digital Creative Director: Ben Keenan
Art Director: Jackson Harper
Copywriters: Shannon Crowe and Jim Robbins
Regional Director: Jennifer Chin
Group Account Director: Bryce Coombe
Senior Account Manager: Sam Ayre
PR Director: Nichola Patterson
Planning Director: Michael Derepas
Senior Planner: Matt Pearce
Executive Producer: Sonia von Bibra
Head of Interactive Production: Christian Russell
Community Manager: Will Barber
Senior Digital Producers: Nathan VanderByl and Ben Crowe
Digital Producer: Allan Ngo
Senior Digital Designer: Adam Hengstberger
Senior Developer: Andrew McLagan
Senior Full Stack Developer: Sylvain Simao
Frontend & Backend Development: Omar Mashaal (CHE Proximity)
Backend Development: Andrey Sidorov and Alex Best (CHE Proximity)
Technical Director: Bob Watts (CHE Proximity)
Project Delivery Lead: Adam Burnell (CHE Proximity)