Morning person or night owl?

Whether you're an early riser or a late nighter, Schick says it doesn't change how you experience your morning shave.

You’re either an early bird or a night owl. There’s really no in-between (trust us, we’ve tried).

Do you know what you are? There are ways to tell (other than the time you choose to close your eyes at night), according to Schick Hydro. For starters, would you drink a kale smoothie or a stranger’s half drunk coffee for breakfast? And do you enjoy gentle aquatic yoga after work or drinks with colleagues and then a round of medieval video games at night?

At the centre of  the recently launched  “Morning People” campaign for the razor brand is an interactive video on the Schick Facebook page, which allows a viewer to skip between the aforementioned scenarios (watching as comedian Michael Kolberg — who, coincidentally, used to be a writer for Stimulant‘s sister pub Media in Canada — goes from morning person to night owl with the click of a button). And of course, while everything about his day is different, the morning shave with Schick stays the same.

“Morning People” is meant to tackle tough questions around being a morning person/night owl, “while helping Canadian men own the morning whether they rise and shine or wear out the snooze button,” said  Amanda Rabbito, brand manager, Edgewell Personal Care, in a release. “Our research does show that either way, a good shave and warm shower make the morning a little less irritating.”

The campaign (created and executed by Real Interactive, Boom Marketing, Paradigm PR and MEC) spans online interactive content, a contest, digital advertising, social media, experiential marketing and public relations. There will be online ads on RDS, YouTube and The Score. What’s more, custom content themed to the “Early Bird” or “Night Owl” personas will be running on AOL, Buzzfeed and Defy Media, with branded playlists appearing on Spotify.