Feel like a child again (in an adult body)

Tantra Bicycle was launched by an ad guy at AlterSpark who has a penchant for peddles with stylish design.

Building a business is probably like riding a bike for Michael Kim. Actually, strike that, it’s rather like designing and building a bike. Yes, that’s more like it.

You see, Kim is an entrepreneur and he’s also a fellow advertiser. The digital strategist at AlterSpark has had his hands in a lot of things and a lot of companies, from social media planner at OgilvyOne to online marketing manager at YogunFruz, and now he has his own bike business on the side.

The new company, called Tantra Bicycle, is “powered by peddles, performance and a passion for stylish design” and its first and only bike (so far) is designed in jet black with Aircraft grade aluminium alloy to “recapture the freedom and excitement of childhood, contextualizing those feelings in a much more adult package.” Just goes to show that there’s always time to have a full-time ad career and a brand new business on the side (if you’re super human, that is).