Running for your meal

Who needs money when you can pay for a gourmet meal with a 10k run? Thanks to sports brand Kalenji, that's a thing now.

Some people run because they simply enjoy it, while others will run those few blocks because they have a piece of cake waiting in the fridge.

But there are those who are both passionate runner and spirited foodie, and it’s those people that sports brand Kalenji is particularity interested in speaking to in its latest campaign by Paris agency Rosapark.

Running and gastronomy are the two focus points in the brand’s new “#EatYourRun” campaign. Kalenji sent boxes of its new running shoes to journalists and invited them to give the kicks a spin on the open road. Oh, and they were also asked to track their running distance. Why would they need to do that, you ask, if it’s just a shoe and not a wearable they’re testing? Well, because the product demonstration stunt didn’t stop there.

The team took it a step further and actually opened up a restaurant, partnering with a professional chef to create gourmet meals that the journalists could then pay for with the kilometres they tracked over a few weeks. Like the sounds of a puffed pigeon on carrot, peach and oolong tea? That’ll be 10.1 km, please. Also, if they happened to have any leftover metres, they could use them to purchase condiments and other goodies. As the saying goes, you run what you eat (or something like that).


Brand: Kalenji
Agency: Rosapark
Co-founders: Jean-Patrick CHIQUIAR / Jean-François SACCO / Gilles FICHTEBERG
Account Management: Victor FAUBERT
Strategic Planning: Sacha LACROIX / Mickaël MOUGENOT
Creative Directors: Mark FORGAN / Jamie STANDEN
Artistic Director: Julien SAURIN
Copywriter: Nicolas GADESAUDE
Producer : Hugo NATHAN-LEGRAND
Director : Vincent RODELLA