Dadisfaction guaranteed

This Father's Day, The Source is relieving dads from boredom, even if they're stranded on the moon.
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NASA lied. All those space photos making the moon look like the most exciting place we’d be fortunate enough to visit are a farce. It’s actually quite boring up there if you didn’t have anything to do but look at rocks.

But perhaps The Source can help outweigh the boredom with some entertainment. The retailer says it’s got the perfect combination of out-of-this-world tech products for anyone who happens to find themselves bored on the surface of the moon (coincidentally, our vacation plans for the summer).

In the video below, which launches today and promotes its tech as a gift for Father’s Day on June 19, shows a lonely astronaut kicking dust about in agitation and boredom. Out pops Kyle, a “Source Expert,” and a range of goodies, from TVs to smartphones, to save him from boredom (and keeping him firmly planted on the rock, which, ironically, means he’ll probably miss Father’s Day with the fam, but at least he’s happy in his moon cave, so to speak).


Agency:  Juniper Park\TBWA
Media: PHD