Honey you can feel good about

Nude Bee Honey helps its little bees access certain plants (from wild flowers to pumpkins) to create artisanal, flavoured nectar.


It can be hard to hear about another kind of food that’s gone artisinal without rolling your eyes, but there’s something actually special about Nude Bee Honey, created by Eddy Okyn (who is also a marketing manager at Rogers’ OutRank small business platform) and working with a staff that includes Ryan Thomas (director of integrated SEO at IPG’s Reprise Media).

Besides being Kosher and unpasteurized, Nude creates what are called “varietal honeys,” which are created by giving its bees access to specific kinds of plants. That has resulted in everything from wildflower and goldenrod to blueberry and pumpkin varieties, although Nude points out that, while each variety has its own unique flavour, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll taste like the flower or fruit it came from (which is both disappointing and intriguing at the same time).

What’s more, when the plight of honeybees seems to be top of mind for a lot of people, Nude is also making efforts to educate consumers about issues surrounding bee populations, food sustainability and the environment through its social channels and blog – which also has a few recipes, for good measure.

If you want some, you can likely find it at your local Indigo, Loblaws or Sobey’s store, or you can visit their site to order online and, like any fancy artisinal food, learn more about each variety’s true flavour and the kinds of food it pairs well with.