Upday’s campaign gets a thumbs up

Samsung blends recognizable images to create culturally-relevant mash-ups that'll make you chuckle.


Samsung has a news app. For those of you who haven’t heard of it before, it’s called Upday, and essentially it takes news from brands and bloggers, mixes it together, uses your personal data to figure out what type of content interests you, and spits out articles and links especially picked for you.

It’s a simple little tool. So you’d think promoting it would be simple too. Yes, the idea to take popular (some now iconic) images and mash them up is a pretty safe (and predictable) concept to run with. But what we’re impressed by is the actual execution of it.

These four images were created by design studio Foreal, after Samsung and creative agency Cheil Germany commissioned it to create visual representations of the app. They’re not only hilarious, but kind of poster-on-your-wall worthy. We probably wouldn’t post a Kardashian’s derrière in our home, but a Trump-wearing-VR-glasses-in-a-basketball version? Yes please.

Via Hypebeast

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