A laundry folding (robot) friend

Foldimate, a new house robot, has the power to give back time by doing the laundry folding chores for you.

Hmm, pay this company $800 and you could get back about a year (we’re guesstimating here) of your life back? We’re seriously considering dipping into our savings.

Foldimate is an automated folding system that takes laundry and, you guessed it, folds. The California startup created the house robot with the ability to not only fold shirts, but also “de-wrinkle” them with a steamer and make them smell a little better with a “perfumer” right after it has completed its folding magic.

We’re not the only ones itching to register for pre-orders, which will start to ship in 2018 (according to the company). So far, more than 59,000 people (and counting) are on the list. It’ll take up about half of the dining room in our tiny city condo, but it’ll be worth it.