A seat for all

Some LGBT employees are afraid to be themselves in the workplace. So Klick launched an office "sit-in" to let them know they can.

klick sit

It’s shocking to us how many people feel they need to hide their sexual orientation in the workplace.

It’ll shock you too when we tell you that, according to agency Klick, 53% of LGBT employees are secretive about who they are when they’re in the office. And no wonder, because 62% of them say they often hear negative jokes at the expense of LGBT people while at work.

So that’s why Klick decided to initiate a sit-in yesterday, asking people to “sit with Klick” in support of workplace inclusion and in celebration of the upcoming Pride events. Essentially, the agency altered the idea of “taking a stand” and asked people to take a photo of them sitting. While supporting workplace inclusion, the agency is also promoting its own agency culture, saying that it’s a comfortable place for people to sit at work and be themselves.

For every photo posted on social media, the agency is donating $1 to The 519′s (Canada’s largest LGBT community centre) workplace inclusion programs. The #SeatForAll program will run until July 3, at the end of Toronto’s Pride Month, and is being promoted with an online video and through social and guerilla marketing. For example, the agency will be making its way around Toronto this week with an┬áHerman Miller Aeron chair (which was turned into art by graffiti artist Mr. Brainwash in support of LGBT workplace inclusion and Pride).

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