Germans are just a bunch of softies

Mattress maker Muun shot a naked bouncer for two-and-a-half minutes to prove this point.

Sure, Germans are excellent engineers and industrial planners, and sure, maybe that adds to the stereotype of them having a strong-but-cold exterior. But that’s not necessarily the case, according to mattress maker Muun.

The company could have taken a simple (and probably less shocking) route and straight-up spoken about how Germans are actually just a bunch of softies, and then align this theory with one of its soft mattresses. But no, it did something decidedly more eye-opening. It shot, with the help of agency Amsterdam Berlin, a nude German man lying on one of its mattresses and talking about his own soft (and even “feminine”) qualities.

The star of the two-and-a-half-minute film is Frank Künster, who weighs a hefty 300 pounds and is a bit of a local celebrity in Berlin. He’s the star bouncer for the city’s King Size bar, which makes his revealing story that much more interesting. Basically, the idea is that Frank’s “soft inner self” represents “Muun’s cutting edge new foam,” and his “unapologetically nude outer self” represents “the company’s commitment to transparency.” Ahh, we get it now. 


Brand: Muun
Agency: Amsterdam Berlin
Founder & Sleep Executive Officer: Vincent Brass, muun
Founder & Managing Director: Frederic Böert
Director & Creative Director: Moritz Grub, Amsterdam Berlin
Creative Director, Muun: Lenz Meier
Director of Photography: Kevin Klein
Amsterdam Berlin Production Company: Amsterdam Berlin
Post-Production: Paul Schwabe
Digital Production: GmbH
Colorist: Jan Hartmann
Music: YouGuys Music