Try before you buy

Americans looking to run for the Canadian hills (thanks to Trump) should probably "test drive" the country first, says Air Canada.
air canada trump

Some Americans believe they have a good enough reason to run for the Canadian hills. If you haven’t heard, his name is Trump and some people south of the border dislike him so much that they’re considering migrating North. We know this because of the recent 350% spike in Google searches that ask the internet “How can I move to Canada?”

A little rash, no? Maybe, maybe not. Though, we’d have to agree that perhaps Americans shopping around for a new postal code should give the country a bit of a test-run before signing any immigration papers. That’s what Air Canada – along with its agencies J. Walter Thompson, Mindshare and Spafax – is asking U.S. citizens to do in a new online spot (below), inviting them to #TestDriveCanada while on vacation or on a work trip by flying one of its 240 daily flights connecting the U.S. and Canada.

(We gotta wonder though, with all the hoopla around the potential mass exodus: if Trump were to enter parliament in Canada, would the Americans be equally as open and welcoming?)


Brand: Air Canada 
Agency: J. Walter Thompson
Media Relations: Mindshare 
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