How much does furniture really cost?

Can you get an Ikea bed frame for the cost of a sheet of stamps? No, but they're still pretty affordable.



You and I both know that the typical piece of furniture from Ikea is going to be a little friendlier on the wallet, but in Saudi Arabia, where the retailer is less established, perhaps the affordability of a Fjellse bed frame needs to be spelled out a little more clearly.

Created by Memac Ogilvy & Mather in the United Arab Emirates for Ikea Saudi Arabia, these ads show furniture printed on the side of things like a sheet of stamps, pizza boxes and stacks of soda cans. And while we doubt you can grab a table for the price of three cups of coffee, it’s a quick and easy way to show how simply one might be able to fit into your budget.

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Brand: Ikea Saudi Arabia
Agency: Memac Ogilvy & Mather
Chief Creative Officer: Paul Shearer
Executive Creative Directors: Ramzi Moutran, Attila Nyeki
Associate Creative Director / Art Director: Juliana Paracencio
Associate Creative Director / Copywriter: Luiz Vicente Simoes
Art Directors: Juliana Paracencio, George Serhan
Copywriters: Luiz Vicente Simoes, Maya Khai
Producer: Jimmy Alfred
Illustrator: Bruno Rodrigo de Miranda
Print Producers: Reethu Zacharia, Rafael Malonzo
Account manager: Bernard Abou Nader
Senior Account Manager: Rami Rihani