Say it with more than words

Nick Offerman and his dad show off their deeply meaningful, silent bond for Lagavulin whisky.

We’ve already seen a lot of ads for Father’s Day this year, trying to create an emotional connection by showing the meaning of our relationships with our dads. But sometimes you don’t need to be so overt to let your dad know how you feel.

Lagavulin whisky put actor/comedian/all-around example of manliness Nick Offerman on a boat to fish with his actual dad, Ric. They do what they typically do on Father’s Day, which is, as Offerman puts it, “talk about everything,” though they do it in a way that’s more recognizable to those of us whose dads aren’t the touchy-feely, talk-about-your-feelings type.

The ad is the latest in the Diageo brand’s “My Tales of Whisky” series of videos, starring and created by Offerman. You might remember the similarly-silent, 45-minute video of Offerman sitting next to a yule log, sipping a glass of Lagavulin┬áthat was released for the holidays.