What most pics shot on a phone look like

Rethink parodies a well-known iPhone campaign to show why you need cameras from a store like Lens & Shutter.

6 - shot_on_phone_wall_wide

Apple’s “Shot on an iPhone 6″ ads – showing the kind of beautiful photos you could get with nothing more than your phone – were very popular, but a bit idealistic. Realistically, most of our phones are full of dark bar shots and blurry selfies than gorgeous landscapes and sunsets.

Lens & Shutter is a chain of camera stores in B.C. specializing in DSLR cameras and other equipment for those who want their photos to look a little more professional. In a series of new ads by Rethink, we get to see what pictures “shot on a phone” usually look like, featuring things like a thumb over the lens, terrible lighting or blurry action shots. It’s an honest, fun and efficient message that reminds people who care about good photos that, no matter how advanced your phone gets, it might never replace the kind of equipment an actual camera can give you.

1 - shot_on_phone_baby_1200x1989

2 - shot_on_phone_acropolis_1200x1989 3 - shot_on_phone_greece_1200x1989 4 - shot_on_phone_rafting_1200x1989 5 - shot_on_phone_northernlights_1200x1989


Brand: Lens & Shutter
Agency: Rethink
Creative Director: Ian Grais, Chris Staples
Art Director: Leia Rogers
Writer: Morgan Tierney
Print Producer: Kerry Banghu
Account Director/Manager: Steph Hurl
Content Strategist: Leah Gregg
Studio Artist: Tom Pettapiece