Get some… gonorrhoea?

No, not that some. Alberta Health Services' racy print ads encourage sexy time, just so long as it's safe.

ahs_vajayjay poster

Alberta Health Services wants locals to go balls deep, feel”yay-yay” about their va-jay-jays, have some satisfying Os (without oh-nos), and overall get some (without catching some).

Of course, the bad “some” in this case is STIs, which have been on a meteoric rise in the province, largely attributed to boom in dating apps and hook-up culture.

The latest campaign, created by Trigger, follows the controversial (and racy) “Plenty of Syph” campaign (a dating site for those with syphilis) and “Sex Germs” push.

The campaign was created with a sex-positive message in mind – it doesn’t matter if you’re doing it, just be safe while you are. To create the racy slogans, staff and the agency hit up popular bars, clubs and bathhouses to intercept folks when they might have some sexy times on their minds. They asked consumers if these phrases were offensive, would make people think twice about safe sex, or even were trying too hard. And while not every phrase made the cut, the majority were simply tweaked, with consumers asking for more info and more prominent calls to action.


Agency: Trigger
Creative Director: Johnny Talisman
Copywriter: Lance Risseeuw
Art Directors: Taegan Rubert / Vanessa Chaplin
Account Director: Celeste Herbert
Production: Julie Bousfield / Natalie Faulkner

ahs_chasebears poster ahs_bigo poster ahs_protectjunk poster

ahs_getsome posterFrom Strategy