Can Gold > Cannes Gold

We get it, you have an anti-awards campaign. At least BBH New York is doing theirs for a worthy cause.

actionagainsthunger_cangold16 (1)

With Cannes Lions kicking off in only a few days, the amount of anti-awards self-promo campaigns (of which there are already plenty) are probably going to skyrocket. But if you’re going to have a holier-than-thou attitude about the hype and money that goes into all the Lions and Pencils out there, you should at least propose an alternative that justifies your high horse.

BBH New York has released “Can Gold,” which is, naturally, an aluminium can that’s been spray-painted gold. And one of these prestigious trophies can be yours for only $1,500, the same price an agency would pay to get a replica of a Gold Lion. Of course, the cans don’t cost that much, but BBH is giving the proceeds to global humanitarian organisation Action Against Hunger.

According to BBH, it only takes $45 and 45 days for Action Against Hunger to bring a malnourished kid back to full health. A little simple math will tell you that every Gold Lion could feed 33 malnourished children. BBH is encouraging everyone who wins Gold next week to take the money they would have spent to ensure all the CDs on a campaign get a Lion for their desk to instead spend it on a “Can Gold.” That way, you’d get a reminder of when your work won on the grandest stage of them all¬†and of that time you did a really good deed.

You can buy your Can Gold on the campaign website. The page also looks like it’s promising to have a listing of the winners, so maybe you’ll be able to bug David Droga.


Brand: Action Against Hunger
Agency: BBH New York
Creative: Casey Schweikert