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The kids in Rethink's latest ads for CCDI tweak their Father's Day gifts for their not one, but two dads.

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If we need to tell you that it’s Father’s Day on Sunday, your dad is probably going to be stuck with whatever last minute gift you can find on your way home from the office tonight. If only you were as thoughtful as the children in this “aww”-inducing campaign for Canadian Centre for Diversity and Inclusion.

Created by Rethink, three videos in the campaign each have a child preparing the standard mugs, cologne and hand-made cards most dads expect as gifts on Father’s Day. But each of these kids, being raised by gay parents, have to find a way to get the same gift to stretch twice as far, which they do, seemingly in the most adorable way they could think of.

The campaign is timely beyond the fact that Father’s Day is this weekend, given the tragic events that happened over the weekend in Orlando. But this kind of heartwarming work might be the kind of thing we need right now.

“We cannot ignore the senselessly tragic homophobic and transphobic attack in Orlando, just as we cannot ignore the daily violence faced by LGBT+ people around the world. However, we also cannot respond to hate with hate,” said CCDI Founder and CEO, Michael Bach, in a press release. “As Father’s Day approaches, it’s never been more important that we do everything we can to spread love; to remind ourselves of the simple pleasure a child finds in celebrating their father – even more so when they have two.”

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Brand: Canadian Centre for Diversity and Inclusion
Agency: Rethink
Creative Director: Aaron Starkman
Art Director: Jake Bundock
Writer: Andrew Chhour
Broadcast Producer: Cat Dumas
Account Director/Manager: Haley Kriksic, Caleb Goodman
Content Strategist: Leah Gregg
Production House: Spy
Director: Tamir Moscovici
Cinematographer: Stuart Campbell
President, Executive Producer: Carlo Trulli
Executive Producer: Marni Luftspring
Line Producer: Hayley Taylor
Editing Facility: Rooster
Editor: Paul Proulx
Colour Facility: The Vanity
Colourist: Andrew Exworth
On-Line: Fort York
On-Line Artist: James Marin
Audio House: RMW
Audio Engineer: Ted Rosnick
Photographer: Tyler Gray

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