A cattier Cannes app

FCB/Six's Cannes Meow focuses on the things you really care about during the festival.

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It’s officially Cannes Lions week, when it can be really hard to keep up with all the news and trends coming out of the festival. To help you schedule your time and sort through the news of the day, the festival has its own app, which is fine for “keeping things professional,” but we’re grateful that we can now complement that with an app that’ll filter out some of the boring stuff.

Developed by (the recently renamed) FCB/Six in Toronto, Cannes Meow (which is not officially affiliated with Cannes Lions) is meant to be less of a purely informational service and more of an exploration of the festival’s human side. So yes, you can find information about winning campaigns, but it’s organized in an Olympics-style medal count to satisfy the competitive, country-based tribalism everyone seems to dive into upon arrival.

It will also pull together news stories and social content around things like major trends to come out of the festival, rumours, fashion tips, celebrity sightings and interesting facts about presenters. Since the app is coming from the data-obsessed FCB/Six, the topics are determined by rich analytics that determine what the people on the ground in Cannes are buzzing about and, therefore, what the rest of us surely want to know. It’s also using that data to provide further insights into the happenings of the festival, as well as the work that’s winning (this is also happening on the FCB/Six Twitter feed, which appears to be devoted to the app during the week).

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