McDonald’s pushes Euro unity

The QSR is promoting inclusiveness at the soccer championship in France.

mcdonald's uk-fraland

These are tense days in Europe, and not only because the continent’s best soccer players are duelling on pitches across France (and, unfortunately, some fans aren’t behaving particularly well in the stands or outside the stadiums). As Britain votes on whether to stay in the EU and anti-Euro, anti-immigration political parties in other countries gain influence, there’s not a tremendous feeling of solidarity across the 28-member zone.

Enter McDonald’s. New outdoor ads from the Euro 2016 partner and agency BETC Paris are welcoming visitors to France, using emblematic country soccer scarves to push a message of “tolerance, diversity and generosity,” the QSR said in a release.

The ads, under the “Come As You Are” banner, show fans holding up scarves combining two countries’ names and colours (England and Slovakia become “Englakia”; Poland and Germany are “Polmany”; you get the point).

mcdonald's uk-englakia

mcdonald's uk-swetaly

mcdonald's uk-iregium

mcdonald's uk-croana


Brand: McDonald’s
Brand Management: Xavier Royaux, Nathalie Legarlantezec, Sophie Giry
Agency: BETC
Agency Management: Henri Tripard, Julien Grimaldi, Juliette Aguglion,
CCO: Stephane Xiberras
ECD: Olivier Apers
AD: Cyril Arandel
CW: Adrian Skenderovic
Traffic: St├ęphanie Renoir-Mousli

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