Raising the Roof raises the stakes

Homelessness affects families too.
raising the room

You can always count on Raising the Roof to tug at the heartstrings. The latest campaign from the brand and its agency Leo Burnett reminds consumers that homelessness is a broad problem.

There’s a stigma that people who are homeless are the ones we see on the streets, says Steve Persico, group CD and copywriter at the agency. But in reality, families often fall prey to the changing economic winds, and can be left with little, and then nothing.

The latest push tries to bring light to that plight, and follows one family, in a single take, as they go from housed and happy to destitute and depressed. The spot ends on a real family that’s been made homeless through similar circumstances.

This campaign is meant to get people thinking, says Anthony Chelvanathan, group CD and art director at Leo, and is designed to get people to consider the brand amid a number of competing and worthy charities. It’s also part of the company’s broader push to focus on families and change the face of what people consider when they think about homelessness.


Brand: Raising the Roof
Agency: Leo Burnett

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