Canada, as seen by Papua New Guineans

Three friends trekked from the East to West Coast (using advice from locals) in search of the Molson Canadian beer fridge.


We can feel the pride for Canada starting to bubble up. Canucks are a few days off from donning red and white in celebration of the Great White North, but Molson Canadian has already begun cheering.

The beer brand, along with agency Rethink on creative and MEC on media, have launched a commercial that put three friends from Papua New Guinea on a mission:┬átravel more than 7,000 kms from St. John’s to Tofino in search of the red Molson Canadian beer fridge. The hitch? They had to do it all with the help of the Canadians they met along the way. That meant getting advice and hitching rides with locals in every big and little town they happened upon during their travels.

The journey has been a long one, almost a month now since strategy magazine first reported the kick-off early June. And during that time the three adventurers have shared snippets of their tour via social media, using #ThisIsCanadian (which you can see above and below).