Funny food for thought

Tribal's Frank Macera has some thoughts he'd like to share in a pair of books that'll make you think while you laugh.

ladbybugsSince 2011, Frank Macera, ACD at Tribal Worldwide Toronto, has shared one original thought a day on Facebook, ranging from philosophic observations about life and culture to straight-up jokes about how Major Tom from “Space Oddity” would be treated by ground control’s disciplinary board once he floated back down to earth.

For those of us who don’t have the privilege of being friends with Macera on Facebook, in the fall of 2014, he self-published a collection of these thoughts in a book, Does a Cyclops Blink or Wink? And Other Important Thoughts. The book includes including musings like “Technically, we’re all compulsive eaters” and “Why is Proactiv sold to people who already have acne problems? That’s not very proactive.”

Last week (roughly five years after he first shared what goes on in his brain on social media), he released a second collection, called Only 2% of Bug CEOs are Ladybugs. And Other Important Thoughts, which includes gems like “Spice Tap Mascara: Turn the volume of your lashes up to 11″ and imagining the meeting where the term “Gentlemen’s Club” was coined.

Both books are available on Amazon in physical and digital formats.