Walking on water

Artists created a path made of out fabric that stretches across an Italian lake. And hundreds of people have been walking across it.


On June 18, husband and wife artist duo Christo and Jeanne-Claude deployed 100,000 square meters of yellow fabric into Italy’s Lake Iseo that not only floats on the water, but is able to support the weight of a human (or, as has been the case, hundreds of humans) as they walk across it. That’s because, technically, the fabric isn’t on top of the water – it’s actually on top of over 220,000¬†polyethylene cubes that support the weight of what’s on top of it, as well as absorbs the movements of the waves and tides. And not only is it a cool experience, but it has function as well – this is the first time pedestrians have had a direct route between the town of Sulzano, Monte Isola and the Island of San Paolo (the tiny island with the previously private manor you see in the photos).

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