SPA gets controversial for Moving Day

You wouldn't abandon your child when moving between homes, so why would you leave your pet?


Forget your furniture, but don’t forget Fluffy.

Astonishingly, the number of abandoned pets triples on Moving Day in Quebec. The day (July 1) typically sees hordes of residents moving house, and while you’d expect some to discard their old furniture on sidewalks, there are others who forget their supposed best friends. This year, SPA Canada and Saint-Jacques Vallée Y&R wanted to raise awareness of this behaviour with a campaign that would get people thinking.

The agency created an ad (which appeared on Metrovision, in banner ads and on social media) showing a child having been abandoned by his parents after they move out. “By drawing a parallel between a house pet and one of the most vulnerable family members, we’re showing how serious it is to abandon an animal,” said Pascal Gagnon, artistic director at SVYR.


Advertiser: SPA Canada – Katherine Mac Donald
Agency: Saint-Jacques Vallée Y&R
Creative Director: Pierre Nolin
Creative: Pascal Gagnon, Geneviève Vincent
Photograph: Christian Blais – La Cavalerie