How to cheer up a goth kid

Apparently, all it takes is some sweet-smelling shampoo to brighten up a moody teen.

If you think back to your emo and/or goth phase (if you had one), at the time it might have seemed that your misery and sadness was completely unavoidable in the world you lived in. To your parents, though, it might have seemed like your moodiness was a choice, and this commercial seems to prove that.

Based on research that has shown pleasant smells can improve a person’s mood, the spot by Droga5 London shows a goth teen, having just taken a shower with fragranced soap and shampoo brand Radox, moved to joy, and pushing pause on the death metal in order to dance down the stairs to “I Will Love You” by The Summer Twins. After two-stepping out the house – much to the bewilderment of her parents – she arrives at the skatepark to continue the routine with a group of her friends, who have clearly also been using Radox, as they readily join in.


Brand: Radox
Agency: Droga5 London