There’s no clean like Mr. Clean

The old guy is still rocking out with his mop out in this spot that brings back his iconic jingle from 1959.

mr. clean 4

He hasn’t aged a day — Mr. Clean still looks as new as the day he first appeared on household screens way back in 1959 (in fact, it’s possible that he may even look a little more “cleaned” up in colour today than he did back then in black and white, but we digress).

In a nod to the big guy’s cleaning debut, P&G and Leo Burnett Toronto have created a global spot (which is also available in Spanish) that brings back the original Mr. Clean jingle. The spot even shares a quick clip of the original housewife who used his products in the ’50s.

The old, but well-known song, was remastered and reimagined to show how his products, from the Magic Eraser to the Antibacterial Cleaner to multi purpose liquids, can be used in each and every room in the home. Not only is the spot versatile, as it cuts between scenes in different rooms while people sing the jingle, it’s also used by household residents of all types. That includes you, rock musicians – we all know how much mess a single head-banging session can create.

Oh, and here are the lyrics for the jingle, just in case you feel compelled to sing along in the shower (it is catchy, after all):

“Mr. Clean gets tough on dirt and grime and grease in just a minute.
Mr. Clean will clean your whole house and every room that’s in it. 
Floors, door, walls, halls, he’s so tough he cleans them all.
Grimy tubs and tiles he’ll do, so your bathroom looks clean as new.
Mr. Clean gets tough on stuck on stuff, cleans kitchens in a minute.
Mr. Clean will clean your whole house and every room that’s in it.
Mr. Clean! Mr. Clean! Mr. Clean!”


Advertiser: Mr. Clean (P&G)
Agency: Leo Burnett
Editor: Jon Devries (School Editing)
Director: David Hicks (Skin & Bones)
Audio: The Eggplant
Production: Against All Odds, The Big Picture

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