Dozens of lives in the air

This beautifully crafted spot for Securite routiere in Paris shows how road accidents don't just affect the lives of those in the car.

Just when you think you have everything for a road trip with the family planned to a tee, traffic gets in the way. You give your vehicle a solid tune-up, pick the most efficient route to your destination and the departure time couldn’t be any more perfect. If only everyone one wasn’t so eager to hit the road, perhaps you wouldn’t have to drive faster (once the traffic eases up) in order to make up for lost time.

Perhaps then you wouldn’t have gotten into a car accident, and not only would you not have lost a loved one and destroyed the lives of those in the car with you, but you’d also potentially avoid wrecking the futures of other family members, associates and friends along the way, as this spot for Sécurité Routière, by Paris agency La Chose, shows in the most remarkably emotional way.


Advertiser: Sécurité Routière,
Agency: La Chose