Lucky Beaver in the house

Jacknife Design couldn't be any more patriotic with its series of dam-dwelling mammals that now come in shelf size.

lucky beaver 2

If the Japanese can have a cheeky moustached, paw-waving cat as a lucky charm, it’s only fair that Canadians get a log-holding, maple leaf-wearing, arm-waving beaver, right?

If you agree that the dam-dwelling creature is one of good fortune, then you might be interested in a new project from Jacknife, where the Toronto shop is sharing their design chops with Canadian artists by partnering with them to create Lucky Beavers (a play on the Japanese Lucky Cat, as you probably already figured out).

The first highly-patriotic and artist-designed beaver is by Nicholas Crombach, who specializes in sculptures and installations. They’re calling it “Chimo” after the greeting from the Inuktitut language of northern Canada, and it’s available to purchase online as a limited edition item (only 30 models are being made, of which six have already been snagged at press time), with the shelf-sized sculptures made out of hand cast resin.

“As proud Canadians, we have set out to create a platform for promoting our homegrown artists and celebrating our culture in a fun, humorous, tongue-in-cheek way,” said Mike Kelar, partner at Jacknife. “Our goal is to celebrate the Canadian spirit while establishing this national good luck charm as the quintessential symbol needed in every Canadian home, restaurant, store or local doughnut shop.”

lucky beaver