Fruit of the Loom destroys small businesses

Poor Josh and Donny's Superstore has been put out of business by the brand's new, breathable fabric.

We’d say the faux low-budget ad trope was played out, if it wasn’t still making us giggle.

In a new series of ads by CP+B, the proprietors of Josh and Donny’s Supercool Superstore for Men are promoting a “going out business sale” which includes a full stock of “cooling products” for men, like the “Eskibro” (an igloo that sits on your crotch”), “Fridges For Britches” (literally a fridge you put your pants in) and the “Pants Snorkel” (again, exactly what it sounds like). With such amazing products, why are Josh and Donny going out of business? Why, it’s because of Fruit of the Loom’s Micro-Mesh Breathable Boxer Briefs, which are made out of breathable material that keeps guys cool and makes all other products obsolete (it’s also the product the ads are actually promoting).

The campaign (directed by Jonathan Krisel of Portlandia and Tim and Eric fame) also features a range of shorter ads that go into more detail about the questionable products the store has been selling, as well as ones like this one below (which goes to a bit of a dark place to cover just how much Fruit of the Loom has cost poor Donny).


Brand: Fruit of the Loom
Agency: CP+B
VP/Chief Creative Officer: Ralph Watson
VP/Creative Director: Allen Richardson
Creative Director: D’Arcy O’Neill
Sr. Art Director: Donny Brunner
Sr. Copywriter: Josh Shelton
Sr. Copywriter: Ryan Contillo
VP/Executive Integrated Production, Video: Ramon Nuñez
Jr. Producer, Video: Amber Peña
Production Company: CAVIAR
Director: Jonathan Krisel
Editor: Carlos Lowenstein
Edit House & City: The Whitehouse Post, Chicago
VFX Company & City: Artjail, NYC
Retoucher & Company: Artjail, NYC
Mix Company & City: LIME Studios, LA
Audio Engineer: Matt Miller
Music: KBV Records
Group Strategy Director: David Burg
Strategist: Fabiana Brown
EVP/Managing Director: Danielle Whalen
Vp Account Director: Kristi Kirkeide Boutiette
Content Supervisor: Tara Delaney
Content Manager: Tracy Sarli
VP/Executive Producer, Interactive: Dan Corken
Jr. Interactive Producer: Jordan Griffith
Website Development & QA: Hook Studios
Voicemail Recording: Coupe Studios
Associate Media Director: Craig McDowell
Media Supervisor: Liz Rogers
Social Media Supervisor: Jillian Hart
Social Media Community Manager: Katie Souther
Business Affairs Manager: Daphne Papadopulos
Sr. Project Manager: Alex Blumfelder
Project Manager: Courtney Pollard

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