Dicks4Dicks come in all shapes and sizes

Calgary creatives create a hand-drawn adult colouring book (that features one-eyed snakes) in support of HIV education.

Everyone should remember the infamous dick drawing confession scene in SuperBad. It was a head-scratcher and quite possibly one of the most ridiculous habits the writers could have come up with for Jonah Hill’s poor, misguided character.

Well, you can stop (guiltily) laughing at the kid’s penis drawing, and start colouring them instead. That’s because a collective of Calgary creatives has created a book called Dicks4Dicks, and it’s being produced for a good cause. That’s if the group can get enough donations through a Kickstarter page, which has been set up to raise money for HIV Community Link, an education and support service charity. The colouring book includes 10 cocky characters with different personalities, from “Hammerhead” to “Free Willy” to “Show Pony,” and we’re strangely unperturbed by this (if anything, we’re more intrigued at finding out if we can get the difficult shading right).

dicks3 dicks2
dicks5 dicks4

Art Director: Teresa Leung
Copywriter: Jordan Finlayson
Illustrator: Darryl Sinclair
Designer: Kirsten Graf
Photographer: Jordan Peters