Getting schooled on smartphone etiquette

Pokemon pedestrians got you down? Here are some other pet peeves revealed in Plastic Mobile's survey.

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We have no words for the phenomenon that is Pokemon Go. And while only 36.5% of people are “enraged” when pedestrians don’t look up from their phones while walking, according to a new survey by Havas-owned company Plastic Mobile, we’re willing to bet that the number is about to go up exponentially thanks to the pervasive game.

But walking-and-texting isn’t the only pet peeve that 500 people revealed in Plastic’s survey, which comes with nifty little graphics created by the mobile app company.

“We research how and why users interact with their smartphone devices, but have never, until now, looked at how we view how users interact with their smartphone devices,” said president Melody Adhami.

The participants were asked to rate “etiquette fail on a scale that ranged from ‘indifferent,’ ‘slightly annoyed,’ ‘moderately annoyed,’ ‘extremely annoyed’, all the way to ‘enraged.’” It’s ironic, though, how the numbers were similar to when respondents were asked if they are guilty of the habit themselves. Basically, we’re a bunch of smartphone hypocrites. No comment from this Stim writer.

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