The secret lives of Happy Meal toys

McDonald's pets say and do the darnedest things in a new spot promoting the meal and The Secret Lives of Pets movie.

The talent in a trio of new McDonald’s ads is a handful (yes, the pun was intended, and no, we’re not sorry) of stuffed animals.

Casting and scripting has to have been easy — the videos show toys, sculpted after the characters from the popular The Secret Lives of Pets animated film that’s currently running in cinemas, moving about in front of the camera, as a bunch of kids play puppeteer.

The same toys in the imaginative spots (by creative agency Cossette) are being given to diners when they purchase a McDonald’s Happy Meal during the movie’s run in theatres. If anyone already has grouchy (but adorable in a because-he’s-so-moody kind of way) Max, we’d be willing to pay good money for an exchange.